2019 Workshops

Workshop Descriptions & Highlights

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Service Area Key:
AMH Adult Mental Health
CF Children & Families
DA Addictions
G General Interest
ID Intellectual Disabilities
PD Professional Development
ADV Advocacy

Session A


A-1: Opioids 101: A Guide to Understanding Opioid Use Disorders

Andy Gross and Laurie Corbin, Public Health Management Corporation

This workshop begins with an overview of opioid use disorder, history of the epidemic, and available treatment services.  The workshop then presents tools and action steps to empower direct service staff as they encounter individuals, personally or professionally, who may have this disorder. DA


A-2 Working with Individuals in the LGBTQ Community

Lauren Matturro, MA,MS, Lauren Steinbeck, MA, Erin Hopkins Strern, MA, MS, Christina Vroman, MA, MS, Intercommunity Action, Inc.

This presentation will provide fundamental information about LBGTQ terms, encourage participants to examine their own biases, and offer tips and resources for working effectively with individuals within the LBGTQ community. G


A-3 Fostering Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy

Michaela B. Swee, MA, Temple University

This workshop is designed for clinicians who work in individual and/or group settings and are interested in incorporating mindfulness, acceptance and values, and compassion- based strategies into their psychotherapy practice. AMH


A-4   The Evidence is In: Lessons Learned from Implementing Evidence- Based Practices

Steven Burkitt, LSW, CPRP,BHS/HS, Horizon House, Inc.

This workshop reveals lessons learned from large scale implementation of Evidence-Based Practices which include Motivational Interviewing and Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy.  This workshop offers strategies for approaching EBP implementation at your organization. G


A-5 Resume and Interview Preparation in the Human Service Industry

Michael Thomas, Jr., M.Ed., and Linda Williams, Kensington Management Services, Inc. (KMS)

Whether you are an active job seeker or just want to update your resume, this workshop will demonstrate how to research the job, write an effective resume, and conduct a successful interview. PD


A-6 Stress Management and Meditation Tools for a Better You

Pam Frebowitz, MS, Kaleidoscope Family Solutions
Amy Gruszka , MA   Kaleidoscope Family Solutions

Do you find yourself stressed about your job or anxious in your personal life?  This interactive workshop explores ways to cope with life’s challenges through useful stress management techniques and meditation exercises.  G


A-7 Supporting Residents with Problem Sexual Behaviors

Brian Finnerty, LPC, Kara Rothschild-Rode, LPC, ATR-BC, LCAT, Brianna Pettet, MA, CareLink Community Support Services

Learn how to support individuals with problematic sexual behaviors.  The session includes how to balance individual rights with public safety, together with developing positive sexual behaviors and interpersonal skills. ID, AMH


A-8 Creating Trauma-Informed Schools and Classrooms: An Introduction to Trauma- Informed Concepts and Strategies

Leslie Becton, Ed.D., LPC, ABA, and Jessica Moleano, MS, LPC, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

This workshop will define various models of trauma-informed schools, discuss the impact of trauma through a case example, and apply trauma-informed concepts and strategies in a classroom setting. CF


A-9 Before it Hits the Fan: Proactive Safety Planning

Matt Tice, Pathways to Housing

Safety planning can be a collaborative process done with a program participant prior to a crisis.  In this session, attendees will learn about best practices for safety planning both prior to a crisis and in the midst of a crisis.  Attendees will then practice these skills in a facilitated group environment.  G


A-10 Leadership Basics

Danae Davis, BA, MS, and LaLanya, BS, MS, CareLink Community Support Services

Find out the necessary leadership skills needed to earn the trust, respect, and confidence of your followers. This workshop focuses on such topics as leading by example, establishing positive working relationships, and time management skills. PD

Session B


B-1 What Can You Say About Public Figures? Ethics and the Goldwater Rule

Chris Owens, MA, LPC, Drexel University

In 1964, over one thousand psychiatrists responded to a survey to provide their assessment of Barry Goldwater’s mental fitness to serve as President of the United States. Goldwater lost his bid for the presidency, in part due to this published survey. In 1973 the APA created the “Goldwater Rule” which was intended to prevent this from happening again in the future. Being asked about the mental fitness of a person we have not examined can put mental health professionals in a difficult position. This workshop will explore the ethics behind answering questions like, “Does the President have a mental illness?” AMH


B-2 Creative Program Engagement: Connecting Through Communication

Rob Wethington, MA, and Naomi Sonne, MA, Pathways to Housing

Engaging chronically homeless folks to enter programming can be difficult and, at times, overwhelming.  The presenters illustrate how person-centered approaches and being trauma informed will foster positive connections while staving off burn out. AMH, ID, DA


B-3 Programs & Services to Assist Specialized Populations Involved with the Criminal Justice System

Laurie Corbin and Stephen Davis, Public Health Management; Ivan Haskell and Brandi Stewart, Joseph J. Peters Institute

Presenters will examine the unique challenges faced by individuals who struggle with substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and/or an intellectual disabilities and who are re-entering society after incarceration or involvement with the criminal justice system. Presenters will discuss programs that are available to assist individuals with these identified concerns. DA, AMH, ID


B-4 Team Building

Bill Leiner, Jr., MS, RN, BC, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Inc.

Join this interactive workshop about Bruce W. Tuchman’s very popular theory of Team Building which includes 4 stages he calls Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.   Attendees will be asked to provide input and/or share experiences while learning team dynamics. G, PD


B-5 The Power of Motivation: Supports to Encourage Engagement

Stacy L. Nonnemacher, Ph.D., Office of Developmental Programs/Bureau of Autism

After a brief overview of misconceptions about motivation and resistance, this session will challenge you to think differently about how to support people who may seem unmotivated or resistant to engaging in services.  Take away new tools to encourage autonomy, mastery and purpose for the people you support. ID


B-6 Healthy Relationships and Safe Sexual Expression

Chelsea Lutts, M.Ed., CESP, Kate Soda, and Brianna Alne, SPIN

People with disabilities have the same sexual desires and needs as those without disabilities.  Yet, sexual health and expression is often ignored or considered taboo.  The presenters will unveil a 12-week healthy relationship and sexuality program that fosters growth, learning, and comfort. ID


B-7 Providing “Above and Beyond” Customer Service in Direct Care Settings

Beverly Fries, MS, and Helene Kantor, BS, PATH, Inc.

This engaging and informative presentation will highlight the tasks and skills required to provide excellent customer service in a direct care setting.  The session focuses on strategies addressing customer service fundamentals and how to create a ‘WOW’ response from your customers. Interactive tools will be utilized to reinforce “Above and Beyond” Customer Service strategies. G


B-8 Innovative Practices for Quality Outcomes: A Blueprint for Social Capital Building through Employment 1st and Community Participation  **Note this workshop has changed and is not reflected on the brochure

Laura Silsby and Antoinette Hinkle,  SPIN

While Employment is the first and preferred service for all people, Community Participation Supports also plays an integral role in developing skills and personal networks that support meaningful employment outcomes.Learn to create and foster positive positive relationships with community members and how to maintain established relationships. Let’s shake up our thinking and imagine differently about what a meaningful day really looks like!


B-9 Maintaining a Safe & Efficient Environment in the Home

Joseph Staerk, JDB Service Group, Inc.

JDB Service Group joins us again to give an overview of household safety tips and routine maintenance that can be done to prevent accidents.  You will be provided an overview of the systems in the house and specific tips that can be implemented into the daily routine to prevent major and emergency repairs. G


B-10 Brand Y.O.U

Theresia Kody, CESP, BS, Merakey

Feeling stuck?  Want to get ahead but not sure how?  Join us to learn tips for taking control of your career.  Topics such as identifying your strengths, weaknesses, value and priorities will be covered.  Come and learn how to unlock your true potential! PD

Session C


C-1 Integrating Mind Body for Trauma and Secondary Trauma

Bill Simpson, BA, LMT, CPC, CWPM, and Karen Simpson, RN, CPRP, CYT, Family Practice & Counseling Center

This presentation will feature an overview of the integration of Mind Body practitioners at the Family Practice & Counseling Network in Philadelphia.  Specifically, how Mind Body relates to the Trauma Informed Care community in serving both patients and staff.   The session will conclude with exercises that participants can use to help others deal with trauma.


C-2 Sneaky Sweets – Searching for Sugar on the Food Label

Rabiya Bower, RD, LDN, Giant Food Stores

Join Giant’s nutritionist, Rabiya Bower, RD, LDN, as she explains the nutritional facts label to help you discover hidden sources of sugar. We’ll focus on identifying sugar by other names and learning the nutritional difference between sources of natural and added sugar.


C-3 ( # UR-HIIP FITT) Group Circuit Training Program for All Levels and Abilities

Martin Hull, CPT, CGI, @1_Healthy_Life_Style

1 HealthyLifeStyle presents a lively workshop called Circuit Training Program that is designed to target the entire body using interval training, progressive overload, and mindful breathing.  All fitness levels and abilities are welcome.


C-4 A New Way to Think About Work – Embracing Well-Being and Peace in the Workplace

Helene A. Richardson, MHS, Ed.D., PCC, Career Consciousness

Change your thinking – change your life!  Participate in this interactive workshop and discover the framework that integrates mind, body, and spirit as critical dimensions for the emotional and physical health of self and the work environment.


C-5 Stress Down, Power Up: Tools for Self-Care

Janet McDonald, BA, LMT, Project Serenity-Transformational Workshops & Retreats

You will leave this lively presentation with practical, meaningful tools that will assist you in cultivating the habit of consistently practicing a nurturing, customized self-care routine.  Tools include: conscious breathing, relaxation meditation, self-massage and, conscious movement.


C-6 Funky Yoga Dance

Mary “Mare Bear” DiMeglio, Mishana Yoga & Wellness

Funky Yoga Dance is a super fun and playful movement practice combining guided dance moves and classic Yoga poses with great music that will inspire you to get moving! Great for beginners, this is the Yoga and dance for Every Body.


C-7 A Plan for Financial Wellness


If you are looking for a personal financial plan that is right for you, this workshop discusses money basics, budgeting, debt elimination, types of savings account, and planning for retirement.


C-8 Mindfulness: A Life Changer

Gina Manson, MA and Carla Higgins, M.Ed., Supportive Behavioral Resources

This workshop features the practice of mindfulness and the positive impact it will have on your health, happiness and serenity.  Enjoy practicing mindful breathing and meditation, and feel more energized, less stressed, and inspired for the rest of the day.


C-9 Student Loans and the Direct Service Professional: Knowing Your Repayment Options

Emeka Oguh, PeopleJoy

Navigating the student loan landscape can be fraught with confusing regulations and paperwork.  The presenter will describe the current student loan landscape, repayment options available to direct service professionals, and how to choose the right plan.  The presenter will also introduce PeopleJoy’s free tool, the student loan analyzer, and how it can help direct care professionals to understand their forgiveness and repayment options.


C-10 Step Up to Success

Jackie Schrauger, MA, MS, Career Wardrobe

First impressions take only seconds to make but last a very long time. The interview is the most important step in gaining employment with the potential employer–it’s where you can set yourself apart from the other applicants! Learn how to be prepared, both physically and mentally, to ensure that you are looking, feeling and communicating at your highest potential!

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